Our water storage tanks are the preferred storage tanks for potable water storage and are available in bolted and welded designs, capacities of 4,000 to more than 6 million gallons and in-ground, standpipe or elevated configurations.

Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks are the premium technology in the tank market. Aquastore owners choose glass-fused-to-steel technology over other tank designs for several reasons including longest lifetime value, little-to-no maintenance and never needing to paint.

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Wastewater applications demand rigorous tank performance that also complies with strict environmental standards and regulations.

MASSI provides a complete line of integrated storage solutions that offer worry-free, long lasting and high quality results. Our tanks and domes are corrosion resistant with low lifetime maintenance cost. All our wastewater products are manufactured in ISO Certified facilities under the closest production controls.

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While competitor coated leachate tanks can corrode from the unpredictable leachate composition within the first few years of use. Because of Aquastore’s proprietary glass-fused-to-steel technology, our tanks outperform any other leachate storage tanks, making it your best choice to contain the aggressive and hazardous liquids found in today’s leachate storage facilities.

Federal and State standards require secondary containment when storing leachate. Aquastore offers secondary glass-fused-to-steel tanks for leachate applications as an auxiliary line of defense should accidental spillage occur. Aquastore primary and secondary tanks are flexible in design and can expand to meet your growing leachate capacity.

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If you need a storage tank for a liquid industrial process, chances are MASSI has done it. We have encountered thousands of different applications and materials over the years and can work with you to choose the proper storage system for your needs.

While applications can vary widely, MASSI provides the right coating technology, the right tank design and the right cover solution to meet your needs. We offer a complete product line of storage technologies custom engineered for your application.

Oil & Gas

MASSI has decades of experience supplying storage systems that stand up to the most corrosive liquids. We know that every frac water storage system is unique, and we work collaboratively with oil and gas clients to determine the best tank solution for their needs.

MASSI offers the very best in coating technology and tank longevity, even if that means that our tank solutions are not the lowest price on the market. We believe that what energy companies may save in initial installation, they typically pay for in lost production due to maintenance, repairs or even tank replacement. It is neither cost effective nor safe to use subpar tank coatings to store volatile substances.

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Fire Protection

MASSI provides the industry’s leading bolted and factory-welded steel tanks for fire protection applications. Our Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks possess the lowest total life cycle costs in the industry.

Additionally, our coated fire sprinkler tanks can be constructed in 1/3 the time of field welded tanks and bolted tank design make them easy to expand or relocate.