Site Preparation

Tank Foundation

Preparing the site for your new tank is as important as the tank itself. MASSI will thoroughly evaluate the environmental and geological conditions of the tank site to ensure the highest quality and aesthetics for its placement. Since tank panels are manufactured off-site and it is built from the ground up, less dirt needs to be moved so the impact on the surrounding landscape is minimized. From site inspection to permit approvals to moving the last shovel of dirt, MASSI engineers and trained crews will provide turnkey service, support and expertise from start to finish.

Building a Foundation

MASSI builds tank foundations using an intentionally deliberate and methodic process. By following defined steps, tank owners can be assured that the foundation for their storage investment will last as long as the tank itself. Steps to build a quality foundation include:


1. Ringwall foundation is excavated, rebar is installed and concrete is poured.
2. Top elevation of foundation is checked with a laser level.
3. Leveling plates are installed.

Tank Floor

1. Stone is placed over compacted subgrade, is leveled, and then compacted again.
2. Starter ring is installed onto leveling plates and adjusted for roundness.
3. Floor rebar is placed in both direction, is tied together and raised on concrete blocks.
4. Circumferential rebar and outer forms are placed.

Pouring Concrete

1. Two rows of butyl-bentonite seal strips are attached to the starter ring.
2. 4,000 psi concrete is poured and bull-floated and finished for the final foundation.

Quality Construction from the Ground Up

Every Aquastore tank is factory engineered to customer specifications. Since all components are manufactured in the factory and easily assembled, Aquastore tanks can be installed in many types of weather conditions when field-welded steel and concrete tanks cannot.

Tanks are assembled from the top down by trained MASSI building crews with a jacking system that progressively elevates the structure without the need for expensive cranes and extensive scaffolding. Erection crews can stay safely on the ground. This construction method enables rapid, logical progress for timely completion.

Tank Construction

Inspection / Rehabilitation

Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tanks offer the lowest maintenance requirements of available tanks. However, even with that superior quality, it is recommended that periodic inspections are performed to ensure longest life and protection for your investment. The American Water Works Association recommends a tank inspection within every 5 – year period. MASSI offers complete tank inspection services for your tank storage system. Our inspection services include:
• Glass coating and sheet edge assessment
• Urethane sealer evaluation for all lap joint and seams
• Accessory analysis
• Cathodic protection assessment
• Structural integrity assessment
• Concrete curb evaluation
• Safety checks
• And more…

In the event tank rehabilitation is needed, Mid Atlantic Storage Systems also offers complete services to make old or decommissioned tanks looking and operating like new.

Safety / Certification

MASSI construction crews take a proactive approach to safety, demonstrating leadership and direction to ensure the safest possible construction practices.
• All projects meet local site safety regulations
• All employees are required to test for alcohol and substance abuse
• All crews comply with specific project uniform requirements
• All employees are required to pass both national and other regional training procedures
– SafeLandUSA
– OSHA 10
– Isnet World
– American Red Cross First Aid